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TISAX certificate successfully aquired by AGROHID

In depth preparation - successful TISAX certification

AGROHID aquired the TISAX certificate successfully after a comprehensive preparation period.

Our company management and IT experts have been working on the preaparation since one of our well known automotive customers signalized that obtaining TISAX certification will be a future requirement in the automotive sector.

QFD Engineering Consulting Office Ltd. guided and supported our preparation process.

TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) is the next world standard certification audit for information security management of automotive companies.

AGROHID is a proud direct supplier of several well-known premium car-makers and TIER 1 suppliers, therefore we put special emphasis on the safe handling of information.

We prepared a short video about the elements of AGROHID's TISAX concept for a regional automotive conference.

The conference took place in Győr, home city of AUDI Hungaria, with 250+ participants from several European countries.

Since then our video has been used as a guideline by QFD Engineering (the consulting firm) for several other TISAX aspirant companies.

AGROHID's TISAX video can be seen here: