Supplier of solutions



Our company was established in 1989 as a German-Hungarian joint venture and has been run as an exclusively held Hungarian family business since 1995. The principal office, the manufacturing and central place of administration of our company, which celebrated the 30th anniversary of its founding in 2019, is located in Mezőtúr.

The current activities of our company are primarily focused on the manufacturing of tools and equipment for the automotive industry and the production and assembly of special assembling, setting and testing tools for special service centres. In addition, we regularly fulfil the orders of customers interested in the packaging, printing or special machinery manufacturing industry as well.

The organisation, the structure, the manufacturing and controlling process of our company have been developed based on our experience gathered in the course of our long-term cooperation with our partners and, first and foremost, in view of the demands of our customers. The process of fulfilling customer orders is planned and monitored, from the purchasing of materials to the delivery of finished products, also including complaint handling, by our production management engineers, who have a good command of German and English and are in charge of the individual customer relations as well.

In order to be able to meet any customer demands in excess of our manufacturing capacity or beyond the means of technology available to us, we rely on a proven and extensive network of suppliers, often based on decades of cooperation. Our company gives high priority to controlling the quality of the products manufactured, which is guaranteed by the expertise of our quality controllers and the application of modern measuring and controlling tools and equipment. Having passed the quality control process, products are marked by laser engraving with the unique ID requested by the customer. Products comprised of several components are assembled and, as the case may be, subjected to functional testing, before being packaged and prepared for delivery in accordance with customer requirements. Our company delivers its products on a DDU basis, however, we are ready to adapt to our customers’ needs in this regard as well. Our company has been performing its manufacturing and logistics processes in compliance with the quality management standard ISO:9001 since 2003, and we also introduced the environmental management standard ISO:14001 at the end of 2019. Our information security system is ISO 27001 certified. Moreover, our processes have been audited several times by our key accounts as well.

The fundamental quality policy objective of our company is to achieve and maintain in the long run a high level of customer satisfaction by fulfilling orders in a timely manner and impeccable quality, while remaining compatible on the market. We rely on the following principles with a view to attaining this goal:

  • continuous reviewing, optimization and improvement of our quality management system;
  • creation of a stateof-the-art manufacturing environment;
  • application of modern solutions in the field of logistics;
  • employment of skilled and experienced workers, further training of our employees;
  • implementation of the quality awareness represented by our company throughout our supplier network;
  • active communication with our customers and suppliers;
  • enforcement of a high standard of protection of business and industrial secrets;
  • compliance with the applicable community and national legislation and standards.

The success of our efforts aimed at realizing such objectives has been confirmed by the orders placed and the regular evaluations made by our customers.

AGROHÍD Ipari Kft.