Supplier of solutions

AGROHID Logistic Centre


The requests for offers sent to and the orders placed with our company are processed by production management engineers with many years of experience in the field of technology and production technology and fluent in both German and English. They organise, manage and continuously monitor the entire process of fulfilling the individual orders from the purchasing of materials through the selection of the most optimal and economical manufacturing technology, the implementation of the manufacturing process and the findings of quality control, right up to the date of delivery. The manufacturing process as a whole is recorded in the SAP system, so that our customers can be informed continuously as to the current state of their order.

The logistics process includes the following activities:

- in SAP recorded receipt of goods and control of optical appropriateness

- measurement- and quality control documented by measurement protocol

- measurement by using conventional measurement devices, 3D CNC coordinate measurement equipment and 3D laser scanner

- laser engraving of the products according to the customers’ expectations

- assembly of complex tools comprised of several subcomponents

- electric and pneumatic assembly of tools and devices

- as required functional test of tools and parts

- safe and durable packaging in accordance with the customers’ needs

- storage of semi-finished and finished products in order to quick and flexible transport

- twice a week delivery to Germany to the Stuttgart region on Wednesdays and via the Frankfurt region to as far as Osnabrück on Fridays