Supplier of solutions



Our company pursues its business activities on two sites: in Mezőtúr and Martfű.

In addition to business management and related administrative functions (finance, accounting, human resources), our production management engineers also work in our principal office in Mezőtúr and this is also where the entire spectrum of the logistics activities of the company (including the receipt of goods, quality control, laser engraving, assembly, packaging, transport and warehousing) takes place. This organisation and activity are incorporated in AGROHÍD Logistics Centre.

Our own manufacturing activity, which is subject to quality control and integrated with the SAP system, is performed at our manufacturing plant in Martfű. Our large-scale manufacturing capacity makes it possible for us to manufacture unique or small series of tools and series composed of thousands of pieces alike. In the case of work processes which cannot be realized in our own plant (such as plate processing, laser cutting, heat treatment, surfacing, dyeing, etc.), we cooperate with reliable partner companies delivering a high standard of work.